Nature Masterclasses On-demand

Waktu : Selasa, 01 Oktober 2019 - Senin, 30 September 2024

To expand the global reach of Universitas Gadjah Mada scholars, Universitas Gadjah Mada and Nature Research will hold a Nature Masterclasses On-demand for students, lecturers, and professors at Universitas Gadjah Mada.

To start using the course, register using your UGM Mail’s account ( or on the Nature Masterclasses website. Though relevant to most disciplines, the course focuses on the natural sciences and will be available to each user for six months.

Latest update: 1 October 2023

Date 1 Oct 2019 – 30 Sep 2024

Category Course
Language English
Usage period 6 months
Participants Dosen UGM, Tenaga kependidikan tetap UGM, Mahasiswa S1 UGM, Mahasiswa S2 UGM, Mahasiswa S3 UGM
Location Virtual event

To access the course, you must first register your UGM Mail account using the UGM's internet access. This is a mandatory requirement for all users who want to enroll in the courses.

Should there be further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact Rafieiy (

Grow your research skills,
confidence, and career

Learn from renowned international experts,
including Nature Portfolio journal Editors

Find training to support you
across the research lifecycle


StepsCourse name
Design researchExperiments: From Idea to Design
Enhance your skills in developing, planning, and refining impactful experiments
Secure fundingDemystifying Grant Budgets
Learn the fundamentals of developing a budget for your next grant application
Secure fundingFinding Funding Opportunities
Explore the funding landscape to identify the best funding opportunities for you
Secure fundingPersuasive Grant Writing
Discover narrative tools and how you can use them to write convincing grant applications
Experiment and analyzeData Analysis: Conducting and Troubleshooting
Develop your data skills for more effective results
Experiment and analyzeData Analysis: Planning and Preparing
Maximise the outputs of your data and avoid time-consuming mistakes
Experiment and analyzeInterpreting Scientific Results
Explore the best techniques for interpreting your scientific results
Experiment and analyzeManaging Research Data to Unlock its Full Potential
Explore the foundations of effective data management
Write and publishNavigating Scientific Writing: Your Questions Answered by Nature Portfolio Editors
Explore exciting questions on scientific writing with two Nature Portfolio editors
Write and publishResearch Integrity: Publication Ethics
Examine the ways you can handle ethical issues that can arise as you publish your research
Write and publishWriting a Research Paper
Examine the features of a great research paper
Write and publishWriting a Research Paper: 2nd Edition
Learn the detailed processes of writing a research paper
Write and publishWriting and Publishing a Review Paper
Prepare yourself to write and publish a great review paper
Write and publishPublishing a Research Paper
Learn about the publication process and the things you need to consider
Write and publishFocus on Peer Review
Explore the role of a peer reviewer and the foundations of a good peer review
Share and disseminateAdvancing your Scientific Presentations
Communicate your results in an engaging and memorable way
Share and disseminateEffective Science Communication
Learn to communicate your findings in an engaging and impactful way
Share and disseminateNarrative Tools for Researchers
Examine the best ways you can share your research story persuasively with your peers
Share and disseminateIncreasing your Visibility as a Researcher Using Social Media
Use social media to share findings, increase academic visibility and create professional opportunities
Develop your careerGetting an Academic Research Position
Prepare yourself to take your next career step, into either a postdoc or faculty role
Work with otherIntroduction to Collaboration
Gain an insight into research collaboration and its benefits
Work with otherLeading a Collaboration
Prepare yourself for all aspects of leading on a collaborative project
Work with otherNetworking for Researchers
Create and nurture professional relationships for mutual benefit
Work with otherParticipating in a Collaboration
Build your skills to make a more meaningful contribution to your collaborative projects