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An exclusive right for the creator or rightful receiver to announce or reproduce his or her creation or permit it without prejudice to restrictions under applicable legislation.

Creator or copyright holder of a work consisting of several parts

If a creation consists of several parts created by two or more persons, who are regarded as the creator is the person who leads and oversees the completion of the whole creation, or in the case of no such person, who is considered the creator is the person who collects it without prejudice to copyright respectively on the part of his creation.

Copyright protection

The protection of a creation arises automatically from the moment the creation is manifested in a tangible form. The registration of a work is not an obligation to obtain a copyright. However, the creator or copyright holder who registers his / her creation will get a creation registration letter which may serve as a preliminary evidence in court if a dispute arises in the future to the creation. Copyright protection is not given to ideas or ideas, because the work of copyright must have a distinctive, personal form and show authenticity as a creature born on the basis of ability, creativity or skill, so that the creation can be seen, read or heard.

Protected creations include:

  1. Books, computer programs, pamphlets, layouts of published papers, and all other written works;
  2. Lectures, lectures, speeches, and other similar creations;
  3. Props made for educational and scientific purposes;
  4. Song or music with or without text;
  5. Drama or musical drama, dance, choreography, puppetry, and pantomime;
  6. Art in all forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, sculpture calligraphy, sculpture, collage, and applied art;
  7. Architecture;
  8. Map;
  9. Batik art;
  10. Photography;
  11. Translation, commentary, adaptation, anthology, and other works of the transfiguration
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