About Directorate of Research

In 2007, UGM expressed its vision to become a World Class Research University, which is oriented to meet the needs of the nation, based on Pancasila (Five Basic Principles of the Republic of Indonesia). Given the importance of research activities, UGM has taken several steps that place much emphasis on research. One of these steps brings together research and community service activities into an institution called the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM).

Institute for Research and Community Service or LPPM UGM was born as a result of a merger between Research Institute and Community Service Institute, both of which are UGM institutions. The legal basis for its establishment is the Rector Decree number 47 / P / SK / HT / 2006. Through the merger of the two institutions, it is expected that the results of research activities undertaken at UGM benefit the community and are close enough to the needs of the stakeholders.

In 2015 UGM has conducted reorganization in several sections as a follow up of the Board of Trustees Regulations related to Organization and Governance (OTK) namely the Regulation. The existence of new OTK raises a number of new units and the change of name according to the position of the structure in the new OTK one of them is LPPM UGM. LPPM UGM has been reorganized as Directorate of Research, Directorate of Community Service and Publication Agency and Publication.

Structurally, the position of Directorate of Research (Ditlit) is under the coordination of Vice Rector for Research and Community Service. Therefore, in conducting its activities Ditlit consult and report the results of research to Vice Rector for Research, and Community Service.

Based on Rector Regulation No. 1 / P / SK / HT / 2015, the Directorate of Research functions as a manager and supervisor of research activities and registration of research results to obtain intellectual property rights.

The Directorate of Research has the task of:

  1. Prepare policies in the field of research and Intellectual Property Rights based on UGM Strategic Plan.
  2. Coordinate the implementation of policies in the field of research and Intellectual Property Rights.
  3. Arrange planning activities in the field of research and Intellectual Property Rights.
  4. Develop research activities to support the advancement of science, technology, and arts based on local and global insight.
  5. Coordinate with implementing units and supporting research activities in order to develop synergistic research activities.
  6. Manage, administrate, data, and information system of Directorate and Kekayan Intellectual Rights.
  7. Conducting cooperation in the field of research and management of Intellectual Property Rights.
  8. Facilitate the submission, registration, protection and application of Intellectual Property Rights for UGM research results.