Patent Registration

Stages to be passed by a patent applicant:

  1. Submission of Application
  2. Administrative Checkup
  3. Announcement of a Patent Application
  4. Substantive Examination
  5. Giving or Rejection

The patent application is filed by filling out the form provided for it in Indonesian and typed in 4 (four) copies. Applicant must attach:

  1. letter of transfer of rights, if the application is filed by another party who is not the inventor;
  2. description, claims, abstract: each of 4 copies (four)

Description is a complete description of the invention for which the patent is requested. The writing of the description or description of the invention shall fully and clearly disclose an invention so that it may be understood by an expert in the art. The description of the invention should be written in good and correct Indonesian. All words or sentences in the description must use commonly used language and terms in the technology field. The description includes: Title of invention; Field of invention techniques; Background of the invention that reveals the prior art and its weaknesses and how to overcome those weaknesses which are the objectives of the invention; Brief description of the invention; Brief description of the picture; Full description / content.

Claims are part of a request that describes the core of the invention requested for legal protection, which must be clearly described and should be supported by the description. The claim discloses all the technical features contained in the invention.

The abstract is part of the patent specification to be included in the announcement sheet which is a summary of the complete description of the invention, which is written separately from the description of the invention. The abstract is written no more than 200 (two hundred) words, beginning with the title of the invention in accordance with the title contained in the description of the invention.